Nordic CompBio Talks

We aim to highlight latest research happening across the Nordics. We believe it is important and rewarding for all, students and junior as well as senior computational biologists, to discuss and understand suitability of novel and old computational methods. In addition to research talks, we welcome submissions for workshop/training on multiple tools, as well as general talks on computer science.

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Nordic Computational Biology (NordicCompBio) Talks aims to include seminars and workshops that are especially designed with a focus on method development. We encourage speakers to narrow down a content emphasizing on experimental setup of their research/work. 

Speakers and workshop organisers are researchers, doctoral researchers, and students based in Nordic countries. The intended audience is people with a passion for computational biology that in large have a relevant education** for understanding biology, informatics, or related areas. This includes people who aim to be or work as a bioinformatician, data scientist, software developer, and so on as well as people in life sciences and medical fields such as research engineer and biomedical analyst.

Nordic Computational Biology Talks is a collaboration between Nordic RSGs. We follow Nordic CompBio code of conduct for our events.

**No prerequisite knowledge is formally required to attend Nordic CompBio events.

Past & Upcoming Talks

April 2021 Building a bioinformatics platform: lessons learned from immuneML
Milena Pavlović & Lonneke Scheffer

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immuneML is a software platform for the analysis of adaptive immune receptors through machine learning. The immuneML codebase is large and has been developed for 2.5 years prior to release. The talk will be focused towards the most important lessons learned throughout this time, so you are prepared when you are creating your own bioinformatics software platform. Register Soon!

March 2021 Next generation web servers
Jeppe Hallgren

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Jeppe Hallgren, founder of BioLib, gave an introduction to emerging technologies used for secure computation on biological data. The talk included a short interactive workshop on how to build your own secure web servers. Catch up on Nordic CompBio YouTube channel.

February 2021 A Primer on Sequence Motifs
Jaime Castro-Mondragón

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Review of the methods, from the simplest to the most complex ones, with recommendations of when to choose one or another. Watch the recorded talk on Nordic CompBio YouTube channel.

January 2021 Introduction to Snakemake
Jakob Willforss

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The workshop was an introduction to key concepts required to get started with Snakemake. Workshop material is available on GitHub.

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