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Numerous biological revelations have been achieved without the assistance of advanced computation and processing power. Long before the field of bioinformatics and computational biology, researchers have managed to revolutionise their field and contribute greatly to the understanding of life and evolution. However, the current speed with which computational methods aid in uncovering complex biological processes can be attributed to the development of modern computers, which have been essential for multiplex analyses and subsequent data analysis.

Are bioinformatics and computational biology synonymous? As a matter of fact, they are not. Computational biology is a central part of bioinformatics that covers all mathematical and programmatic efforts to understand and/or replicate biological systems. Bioinformatics, as the name suggests, is a very broad term that envelops many different disciplines in the field of data science and biology. Bioinformatics is a field of research that was originally developed to meet the increasing demand to receive, analyse, interpret and share the abundance of biological data, being created, following the development of computing power and high-throughput assays.


 Our mission is to promote the personal and professional growth of students and early-career researchers, highlight scientific advancements happening in Nordics, and to provide an inclusive and open platform for people interested in computational biology to build collaborations and support network.

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